In the words of Jimmy Buffett….
“The weather is here, wish you were beautiful”

It is that time again, the season for kayaking, paddle boarding, wake boarding and more! Come on down and visit us at Scoot & Paddle for all of your summertime fun needs.

Our peak season begins in May and runs through Labor Day as long as the weather and water temperatures permit. The water temperature and air temperature will be displayed on our home page daily and we require a combined air/water temp of 120 degrees to be comfortable renting our paddling gear unless you are equipped with cool weather protection. So in the spring, just check with us first… After Labor Day we require cold water paddling protection but the kayaks and paddleboards will be available to rent.

Sit-on-top ocean kayak rentals: These sit on top kayaks are available for all experience levels and are meant for FUN! The kayak seating area is open and the paddler may not stay completely dry so dress accordingly. Our fleet of sit-on-top kayaks are great for lengthy discovery treks or just playing in the surf so whatever your intention just come on in!
Touring/sea kayak rentals: The touring/sea kayaks are available for experienced and knowledgeable paddlers or are available for those travelling in a tour or group with experienced paddlers. The kayaks are ready for a great day of touring with dry storage bulkheads and plenty of room for your waterproof cameras and picnic lunches.
SUP rentals: Our stand up paddle boards (SUPS) are stable and loads of fun. Paddle around with friends sit, kneel, stand or stop and do some well deserved yoga stretches in peace and harmony while really putting your balance to the test. Keep your balance or else…. be prepared for a dip, but that’s ok because these SUPS can be used as a diving platform too! They are versatile and ready for whatever you can throw at them!
Fishing Kayaks: We got em! Fully equipped fishing kayaks with pole holders and large bulkheads for gear. Also plenty of room for your catch of the day! Whatever that may be! Fishing Licenses may be required.
It’s our promise to make sure you have lots of fun safely and professionally!
Peak Season – May 12th through September
Open Tuesday thru Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Open weekends 8:00am – 6:00pm
Off Season – October through May

Open Tuesday thru Sunday (closed Mondays) 10:00am – 4:00pm
*If you have a need to pickup or return after these posted hours please call and arrangements can be made.

Sit on Top or Sit In Kayak
Single Pricing
$35/Half Day
$60/Full Day

Sit on Top, Sit In, or Fishing Kayak
Tandem or Canoe Pricing
$45/Half Day
$70/Full Day

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPS)
$35/Half Day

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