Kayak Rentals & Sales

In the words of Jimmy Buffett….
“The weather is here, wish you were beautiful”

It is that time again, the season for kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, wake boarding and more! Come on down and visit us at Scoot & Paddle for all of your summertime fun rentals.

Kayak rental, paddleboard rental, bike rental, scooter rental: Our peak season begins in May and runs through Labor Day as long as the weather and water temperatures permit. We require a combined air/water temp of 120 degrees to be comfortable renting our paddling gear unless you are equipped with cool weather protection. So in the spring and early fall call first to see if we require cold water paddling protection but either way the kayaks and paddleboards will be available to rent.

What kind of Kayaks do we rent?

We rent sit-on-top single or tandem kayaks (two person) because anyone can use them – you only need basic instruction and off you go. They are great for fun, exploration, playing in the surf, or a nice cruise around the marsh. These safe kayaks are perfect for children, families and pets!
kayak rental new haven county

We carry Peception kayaks made in the USA!

We carry the Perception:Tribe, sit-on-top ocean kayak in both the 9.5′ and 11.5′ as well as the 13.5′ tandem kayak. These sit on top kayaks are available for all experience levels and are meant for FUN! The kayak seating area is open and the paddler may not stay completely dry so dress accordingly. Our fleet of sit-on-top kayaks are great for lengthy discovery treks or just playing in the surf so whatever your intention just come on in!

kayak rental milford ct< Sit-on-top Kayak Rentals are fun and EASY! Our fleet of sit-on-tops are ideal for any experience level and great for families. We offer quick instruction for new paddlers and you will be off and paddling in no time. Select from individual or tandem sit-on-top kayaks. These popular ocean kayaks are easier and safer to manage than the longer and narrower sea kayaks with cockpits. The open cockpit design does not allow the boat to fill with water if capsized so just hop back on and continue your fun!

Fishing Kayak Rentals: We got em! Fully equipped fishing kayaks with pole holders and large bulkheads for gear. Also plenty of room for your catch of the day! Whatever that may be! Our fishing kayaks are also S-O-T so all experience levels can fish safely and easily. We rent the Perception: Pescador 120 Angler Kayak. Fishing Licenses may be required. For information on fishing licenses visit: http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?a=2696&q=322716&depNav_GID=1630

We also rent sea kayaks for the more experienced paddler and those who wish to take day tours and more! We carry the Perception:Carolina 14′ Touring kayak. The touring/sea kayaks are available for experienced and knowledgeable paddlers or are available for those travelling in a tour or group with experienced paddlers. The kayaks are ready for a great day of touring with dry storage bulkheads and plenty of room for your waterproof cameras and picnic lunches.

It’s our promise to make sure you have lots of fun safely and professionally!

Sit on Top Kayak Rental or Sit In Kayak Rental
Single Pricing
$35/2 Hour
$60/Half Day
$75/Full Day

Tandem Kayak Rental, or Fishing Kayak Rental
$45/2 Hour
$60/Half Day
$80/Full Day

Monthly Paddle Pass
$160 individual
$230 couple

Season Paddle Pass
Memorial Day- Labor Day
$275 Individual
$375 Couple

Single kayak only
Up to 3 hours per weekday
Up to 2 hours per weekend day
May not be used toward tours or classes
MUST call to reserve
Have fun!

Click the “kayak safety” link below to view an instructional kayak video. Also find “smart start for paddlers” link:
kayak safety
smart start for paddlers